National Citizen Service

Volunteer for the National Citizen Service and get yourself an adventure of a lifetime

Learn new skills, meet new mates and make a difference to the people and places you care about

What is NCS?

Starting with an epic training holiday away from home during the school holidays and ending with an amazing graduation ceremony with your new friends.

Be part of an adventure packed trip where you can challenge yourself beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll make some great friends and learn the stuff they don’t teach you in class.

If you are 15-17 and live in North East England you’ve got a really great opportunity just waiting to be grabbed!

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NCS is open to year 11 and 12 students in school and college. There are 3 NCS programme cycles in the year with each programme including up to:

·  Two short stays away from home

·  A planning week

·  30 hours of part-time work spent on a community project

Sounds amazing, right?! Your entire NCS experience, including residentials, accommodation, food, transport, taster sessions, training and graduation are all included in the single cost of £50 (£10 for young people eligible for free school meals)...we know, this is incredible value, right!? 

For more info visit the NCS North East site 

NCS in 60 Seconds...get a feel for it from this video 


Each scheme starts with a five-day residential away from home with volunteers from all over the country. You'll take part in some awesome outdoor activities like white water rafting that will help you bond with your team mates as well having a proper laugh. 

Once you're home, you'll hook up with your local team to get a handle on the problems in your area. Then together you'll figure out how to help.

Over the course of one month you'll clock up 30 hours of volunteering and at the end of the project you'll get to celebrate your hard work at a graduation ceremony.

Parents, carers, friends and teachers can all come and celebrate with you, along with members of the press and local MPs. You'll even get a certificate signed by the Prime Minister.

It doesn't end there either. In fact, it's just a beginning. 

You'll be part of the NCS Graduate Association, which means you get can get unique access to opportunities to carry on volunteering. 

You could even set up your own volunteering project with a vInspired NCS Cashpoint grant.

There are three courses each year one in spring, one in summer and one in autumn. It costs £35 for spring or autumn and £50 for summer but there is help available if cost is an issue.

Don't worry if you're not sporty or you have a disability, the scheme can accommodate everyone.

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