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Emma Oyet...
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Emma Oyetey
on 18 March 2013
vInspired are set to recruit and engage secondary schools and their students across the country. There is a huge opportunity to engage young people within the school environment. By reaching school children in the place where they spend most of their time, and giving them opportunities to get involved and make the world a better place, we will be able to create a new generation of changemakers… with a passion for doing good. As the largest youth volunteering organisation in ...
Lee Marsh...
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Lee Marsham
on 12 March 2012
Youth unemployment is in national crisis. With financial tightening well underway and no sign of it loosening any time soon, it is hard to see an obvious solution to the problem from our current leaders in many of our sectors of work. Why? Today we are faced with a generation of leaders who only know how to put programmes in place with government support and incentives - both of which are in shortening supply. Solving the crisis through entrepreneurship I believe that it&...
John Tayl...
Posted by
John Taylor
on 23 February 2012
Recent statistics from UCAS have revealed that overall applications to universities are down by almost 9% nationwide and almost 10% in England. While these percentages seem like small change, this drop represents approximately 45,000 individuals who have decided that university isn’t for them. It’s perhaps not coincidental that this drop comes as the new academic year sees a major tuition fee hike from £3000 to £9000 per year. Interestingly, the demogra...
Terry Rya...
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Terry Ryall
on 22 February 2012
Under new plans announced by Nick Clegg yesterday, charities and businesses will be rewarded for getting unemployed young people into work or training. The scheme will target young people who are the furthest away from the labour market – those who have recently left school with poor GCSEs and are not in any further education or training – and will reward businesses and charities that can keep them in work or training for 12 months. We know that something needs to be do...

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